Press Announcement

Shalom to the exiled Children of Yishrael

To whom it may concern,

His Divine Majestic Holiness, the Moshiach has come. He is doing the infrastructure development work in London. The Moshiach will arrive in Jerusalem soon. Jerusalem Herald will publish the news, from the Holy Midrashim, and the Jewish Sanhedrin, in Jerusalem. We will inform, to all the Jewish people the exact time, of the arrival of His Divine Majestic Holiness, the Moshiack in Jerusalem.

He will first publish a Royal Invitation, to all the Jewish people, to contemplate on the news currency he has created which called Mannah. Thereafter, he will address to the Jewish people, to observe the climate change that he is causing by his strategic plan, to heal the planet earth and mother nature, and the environment. He has already setup the Royal Jewish Bank, for global financial service industry. He has also setup the Bank of Judea, and has issued the currency name Mannah, for the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea. He is distributing the Holy Money Mannah. Each unit of Mannah is valued, in the foreign exchange market US $2.60 Dollars. The Moshiach has invented the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, which has disrupted the global financial service industry. The Mannah mining and transaction system is powered, by Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Each unit of Mannah has a Bitcoin value contain in it. Therefore, Mannah has become a Digital Credit Currency, while the Bitcoin is playing a role as cryptocurrency. Moshiach is a multi-trillionaire and he will restore the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea soon. He will rebuild the Holy Temple Beith Ha'Mikdash soon. The Moshiach has conveyed a message to the exiled Jewish people.

He said, " Shema Yishraaels, Shema ! Aodonai Elohenu Adonai Ha'Shem; He is with me. I have come to restore my chosen people, in the everlasting Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea. Hear my voice. Open a bank account every one of you, in the Royal Jewish Bank, and receive your inheritance. Exchange all your fiat paper money, into Holy Mannah. Mannah is the real money. The fiat banking system is destined to collapse, therefore pay attention, to my voice, and be alert. Come back, to my Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea. Israel will remain a separate nation-state confederated, beside the Holy Royal kingdom of Judea. This is the solution to the problem. Israel has border, but the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea, will not have any physical border. So, try to understand the meaning of the Kingdom of Heaven, on Earth. Every nation is going to acknowledge the purity, of the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea, and they will no longer remain as the adversary, to my Chosen People. This is the voice of Hashem, who has descended from his abode, with me when I went to heaven on 5 April 1975 at 6:00 AM.

According to the logic the Lord God of Heaven, who created the Ha’Olaam the Cosmos or Universe, cannot be born as human. Therefore, a man who claim to be God, is not true. When I went to Heaven, Hashem told me, that he had a plan. So, according to His Divine Plan, he has come with me, and dwelling within my human body. I welcomed His Divine Honesty, to come down with me to restore, the Holy Kingdom of Judea, according to His Divine Plan. He is dwelling within myself does not constitute, that I am the Hashem. I am a human same as everyone, but I have descended from the seed of King David of Jerusalem. I wish I was born in Jerusalem, but according the Divine Plan of Hashem, my ancestor had to flee in Egypt, and Hashem granted a new Kingdom, for the exiled house of David my great grandparents, where my ancestor lived in exile.

I am just the deputy and the Shadow of His Divine Majesty, the Hashem YHWH. No body should bow down to me like as the nation’s of this world, bow down to their graven images, and as they bow down and worship their human King. Therefore, I deserved no special devotion, from any human. Any one born to human family of Adam, is human; beside human all others are non-human. A human must not worship another human. Only His Divine Honesty the Lord God deserved, to be worshiped, in adoration, and in humble manners. My predecessor, Moshe YahMoshe, who led the children of Yishrael to come out of Egyptian slavery, were sent by His Divine Honesty, the Lord God of Abraham and Yahcob. As he was a minister to the Children of Yishrael, So I am. I have devoted my life, at the age of Seven to restore the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea, and continuously working on full time, according to the Plan of Hashem; same as my Grand Father, who revealed to me in my childhood, the Divine Plan of Hashem. He worked out since the First World War the process to create the fee State of Israel, until he convinced the Western World’s Political leaders, just after the second World war, that the exiled children of Yishrael need, to return back to the Holy Land. Finally, the United Kingdom and USA collaboratively agreed, and granted to form the free State of Israel. But the situation in the Holy Land was not ready, to restore the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea. So, the process is taking over 70 years. Since 1984, I have devoted myself, to create the infrastructure strategically, to change the climate, and create a positive environment, to inaugurate the restoration process, of the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea.

Now, after 36 years of constant work, finally I have managed to caused the climate change, and created a positive environment, to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, Beith Ha’Mikdash, and begin the restoration of the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea. I humbly, request to all the Jewish people, to try to understand, the current global climate of Human World Affairs. Particularly the socio-political and economic changes that taking place, by the grace of His Divine Honesty Hashem. I am fully assured by Hashem, who is dwelling within me, that the restoration process will accelerate, just within the final year of the Corona Virus Pandemic of three years. Hashem has inspired me to publish the immediate future forecast of the Corona Virus Pandemic. If the nation-states create obstacle against me, and my people, to complete the restoration process, of the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea, then Hashem may have to, extend the Corona Virus Pandemic for seven years, instead of three years.

As the sheep’s know the Shepard’s voice, I wish you my chosen people, must be able to recognise my voice, and return to me, and my Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea. 2400 years is over, in this year, this is 5081; Now is the time for your redemption. I have come ! But I had to come to London first in order to create positive environment strategically. Thereafter, I will go to the Holy Land of King David, my ancestor, to start the restoration work, practically in Jerusalem.

I will make all the wolves become peace-loving, and I will turn the wheel of transformation, and transform the foe of the children of Yishrael, to become your friends. Thereafter, the peace and prosperity will be established very soon in Jerusalem. The Jews and Muslim and Christians will understand the truth and they will coexist in the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea without any fear of violence. This will traumatise the old foes of the west, who will either, start the war of Gog, against Magog, or they will regret, and beg for mercy for their ancestor’s sin against the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea. Finally, the victory will come for the Children Yisrael, because His Divine Honesty Lord God of Heaven has came down from his abode, to fulfil his promises that he made to our patriarch Abraham and Yahcob. There after the world peace will be established, and the City of Jerusalem will be restored to its former glory. The Nations of the world will understand, that the God of Heaven is not a man, and a man can become, a Godly man; instead they die without knowing the true purpose of life on this mortal world.

A tree is known by its fruits, some trees are known by its leaves, but some other trees are known by its roots. Also, there are some other trees that known by its thorn. I will cut those thorny trees and clean the land, where I will plant my own vine in my own vineyard. Therefore, pay heed to my words and return from exile. Return soon ! Come to Jerusalem, lets come together rebuild Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the capital of the world, and I have come to restore Jerusalem in its old glory. If you fail to understand my language, and do not open the gate for me to enter, in the Holy City of Jerusalem, then I will ask the others to come, and join me to rebuild the Holy City of Jerusalem. Therefore, hear my voice and return."

This is the words of his Divine Majestic Holiness Ha'Shem YHWH.

This is the royal announcement, from the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea, to the exiled children of Yishrael. The Moshiack is here, He is requesting to all Jewish people world-wide, to encourage each other, to return to the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea.

High Priest and Zadok of the Holy Midrashim and Kosher Crown Order


Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea