Jerusalem Herald ! Announcing the Arrival of the Jewish Messiah !

JTV Live Stream will broadcast the First Sermon of the Moshiach soon.

You will be able to view the JTV Live Stream by Clicking on Mannah Coin

Flag of the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea

The Long Awaited Jewish Moshiach has Come ! He has come with Mannah

If you want Mannah Come to Jerusalem. The Mannah is the future of the world.

He has set up the Redemption Magdal in Jerusalem


Office of the High Priest

This is the first step to resttore the Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea.

Moshiach has invested US $16.6 trillion dollars to establish the new global decentralised financial service industry and created 10 million jobs and 2 million new business globally in connection to his Degital Financial Service industry. Look at clouds it is moving, look at the wind, you cannot see it but try to feel it. The climate of gobal financial system is changing rapidly. Now he has decided to restore his great grand fathers' Holy Royal Kingdom of Judea.

If you cannot see him look at the sky, look at the climate, look at your own face in the mirror. He is working from the Clouds.


His Divine Majesty Moshiach will soon make his first speech in the JTV

Office of the Holy Midrashim has been granteted permision by the moshiach to make this announcement that he will soon broadcast His First Speech to the opprssed Jewish Community world wide. His Speech will bne broadcasted globally by multimedia.

  • Chief Rabbi of vthe Kosher Crown Order

  • Holy Midrashim